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Paver Pros to Hire for Pathway Installation

For a lovely walkway that can lead you to joy and appreciation, turn to our qualified pathway installation pros. Leaving no stone unturned, North East Landscaping Services specializes in a smorgasbord of pathway designs. If a gravel pathway adds a modest charm to your garden, then let’s expound on the details. We can renovate an ordinary-looking garden path into a romantic brick road. Awash with ideas, our pathway installation professionals are your superior option for accentuating your yard with affordable, stunning pathways.

Leading Pathway Installation Designs

Considering pathway installation for your landscape can increase your home’s curb appeal. Pathways also offer convenience, less lawn to mow and chockfull of designs. North East Landscaping Services specializes in a host of pathway installation ideas, including:

  • Gravel pathways
  • Stone edged pathways
  • Flagstone pathways
  • Paver pathways
  • Wooden step pathways
  • Brick pathways
  • Pebble Pathways
  • Stone pathways
  • Concrete pathways

Marvel at what our pathway installation service in Renton can do for your landscape. You will witness as we give your lawn an earthy whimsical look. Looking for a more affordable and less maintenance material? We can comb through options. Replace your characterless pathway with a design that breathes life into your rose garden. We will incorporate a cobblestone effect or a rustic display that mimics your Washington home’s outdoor panache.


Lawn and yard look great. They take care of the everything so I don’t have to worry about it.

Judy P

Carlos is very pleasant to work with. He listens, offers advice and solutions. He gave us a very good price, and was able to work with our schedule. He has completed the initial clean up of our yard, and it has never looked better!

Julie/Tom S

Northeast Landscaping Service did a wonderful job with our initial clean-up project. They were very thorough. Because they were so reliable and thorough, we hired them to do regular weekly maintenance. The yard looks great!

Mary B

Juan Carlos was most professional and the estimate for the spring clean-up job was realistic. What I really liked was his commitment to customer satisfaction…telling us that he would not expect payment until we were totally satisfied with the job.

Curt M

Very professional, On time, courteous and friendly. They did an excellent job on our landscape. After seeing the work they did I have hired them for long term lawn care. Very very good choice.

Eric B

Carlos is very professional, highly competent, and was fast to respond, and fast to schedule the task and get the work done. I was impressed by him and his work. I have in fact already recommended him to a few neighbors and will continue the relationship for maintenance and future projects.

Lydia P

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