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Hire the Renton Drainage Experts for Complete Drainage Solutions

Noticing water pooling around your yard or the cul de sac? Flooding can lead to severe foundation and other structural damage. North East Landscaping Services can manage the groundwater around your home or city to prevent significant problems from surfacing. We specialize in top-quality drainage systems that satisfy performance and efficacy requirements. Our surface drainage systems will keep your community safe and home in sound condition. We’ll implement an area drainage system to deter problems like a wet basement or a car hydroplaning from ever occurring.

Why Drainage Systems Are Crucial

A fully working drainage system keeps water away. North East Landscaping Services offers complete and professional drainage systems for residential and commercial clients. Whether you need drainage for your commercial development or residential property, we can implement a sound solution to keep pooling water and accidents at bay. Drainage systems help:

  • Protect the foundation
  • Prevent structural damage
  • Eliminate pooling water
  • Decrease risks of flooding
  • Minimize the risks of accident and injury
  • Reduce the presence of pests

The longer pooling water stays in a localized area, the higher the risk increases for property damage. North East Landscaping Services knows the problems that can unfold without a quality installed area drainage system in place. Prevent slip-and-fall accidents on your commercial property. Our Washington drainage professionals provide solutions for runoff water. If interested in our reliable drainage systems in Renton, call today.


Lawn and yard look great. They take care of the everything so I don’t have to worry about it.

Judy P

Carlos is very pleasant to work with. He listens, offers advice and solutions. He gave us a very good price, and was able to work with our schedule. He has completed the initial clean up of our yard, and it has never looked better!

Julie/Tom S

Northeast Landscaping Service did a wonderful job with our initial clean-up project. They were very thorough. Because they were so reliable and thorough, we hired them to do regular weekly maintenance. The yard looks great!

Mary B

Juan Carlos was most professional and the estimate for the spring clean-up job was realistic. What I really liked was his commitment to customer satisfaction…telling us that he would not expect payment until we were totally satisfied with the job.

Curt M

Very professional, On time, courteous and friendly. They did an excellent job on our landscape. After seeing the work they did I have hired them for long term lawn care. Very very good choice.

Eric B

Carlos is very professional, highly competent, and was fast to respond, and fast to schedule the task and get the work done. I was impressed by him and his work. I have in fact already recommended him to a few neighbors and will continue the relationship for maintenance and future projects.

Lydia P

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